Tax Planning

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The following are the main source of interest:

  • Tax Free Investment Vehicles
  • Trusts and Trustee Investments
  • Inheritance Tax Reduction
  • Pensions and trusts
Inheritance Tax – Basic Information
  • Estates in excess of £325,000 (current nil rate band for individuals) are potentially liable
  • Married Couples and Civil Partnerships have a combined allowance of £650,000
  • Chargeable at 40% on assets over the nil rate band
  • Careful and structured financial planning can significantly reduce your potential IHT liability
Your estate includes any assets in your sole name, your share of jointly owned assets, assets in a trust in which you have an interest, any assets given away which you have an interest in and the chargeable value of gifts (that are not exempt) made within seven years of death
Ways To Reduce Your IHT Liability - The Avoidable Tax
  • Changing property ownership (subject to specific rules)
  • Use trusts for Investments, Life Assurance, Pensions etc
  • Specific IHT reducing investment vehicles
  • IHT reducing trust arrangements
  • Will trusts
  • Making gifts within your annual allowance
Hot IHT Topics:
  • How to retain access to your investments but ensure all future growth is outside of your estate immediately.
  • Use Equity release – Remove some of the value of your property and gift it to your family
  • How to remove 50% of your investments (for IHT purposes) from your estate from day one. The remainder will be outside your estate after 7 years.
  • How to remove 100% of your investment from your estate within 2 years.

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Changes to legislation:
Inheritance Tax legislation is likely to change in future and the above information is subject to our understanding of current law and practice. It is therefore important to seek advice when considering Estate Planning and to review your planning from time to time to check your arrangements are still effective.