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Tax-Free Cash Released - Quickest Possible Timescles

Expert Pension Advisers are avaiable to advise you on releasing your tax-free cash quickly whilst ensuring you receive the best advice for your situation. Our approved advisers are fully qualified UK based Independent Financial Advisers who are authorised to advise on all methods of withdrawing cash from pensions. This includes pension release and pension loans.  

Pension Release Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum Age 55  
  • UK pensions only
  • Personal and Occupational Pensions (i.e. Final Salary / ex employer) are eligible
  • Not currently taking benefits from the pension
  • Access your Tax Free cash very quickly
  • Tax Free
  • Money can be used for any purpose i.e. Repay debts etc
  • This is not a loan
  • HMRC approved 
What Makes Us Different?
Only highly qualified Independent Financial Advisers are able to provide advice and arrange for the release of tax-free cash. Our approved Advisers are able to advise in this area and meet the requirements set by the Financial Services Authority.

By taking your pension benefits early it is likely to significantly reduce your pension provision at your selected retirement date.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
After looking on the Internet you are likely to have seen many other sites promoting the use of Pension release before age 55. Some sites also suggest that withdrawing in excess of 25% is possible. This is not possible within in the UK. These plans are under investigation by HMRC. Many of the schemes advertised are not HMRC approved and the policy holder should tread carefully. HMRC are looking to put an end to these and are closing these down. HMRC will impose penalties and this could result in significant tax charges for the individual and the pension scheme.
Pension Release  and Pension Freedom Alternatives