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If you are looking to avoid the current stock-market volatility and achieve rates above deposit rates there are some alternatives that may be suitable.

The information below provides an indication of funds available. Further fund information through our approved Independent Financial Advisers.


Savings Account / Cash ISA Alternative

5.00% (Gross) per annum, fixed term 3 years,  CASH investment, 100% of capital is secure but the interest rate provided  is dependent upon the FTSE 100 index being 1 point higher or more at the end of year 3 (Total Return 15.00%). If FTSE 100 index is 1 point or more lower after 3 years then 100% of investment is returned without interest. Capital not at risk, No charges deducted. UK Cash investment, not available on the high street.

Investment / Pension Funds - Guaranteed Options

Up to 6.8% (Gross) per annum growth with 100% capital protection at year 8. This is ideally suited to cautious investors with both Investment Bonds, Personal Pension / Stakeholder Pensions / Income Drawdown Pension. UK investment provided by one of the UK’s strongest financial institutions - suitable for Pensions and Investments.  Or:

3.25% guaranteed minimum growth per annum whilst still investing in the markets.  This provides the peace of mind knowing you will receive a minimum of 3.25% per growth but with the option of benefiting from investment returns linked to the markets should the growth be more than 3.25% per annum. The growth is also locked in each year and your capital is 100% protected from day one. UK investment provided by one of the UK’s strongest financial institutions - suitable for Pensions and Investments

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The above information has been provided by our approved IFAs and is designed to be for marketing purposes only. Full details of the above funds / products will be provided by a qualified IFA who will contact you and provide advice as to the suitability based upon your circumstances. Best Investor endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site but does not accept liability for inaccuracies.