SIPP and SSAS Pension Borrowing for Property and Land Purchase

Use Pensions for Property and Land Purchase


SIPP and SSAS Borrowing for Commercial Property and Land

The maximum amount that any scheme can borrow is 50% of the current value of the scheme, less any outstanding loans.  100% of scheme assets plus any scheme borrowings can be used to purchase a property i.e. the scheme could buy a property worth 150% of the current value of the scheme.  This is a big opportunity and has significant tax advantages for individuals and businesses.

Using a pension to property and or land can offer significant benefits including:

  • Allow a business to expand
  • Allow business to own their own premises
  • Rental payments made to pension
  • Rental payments are tax deductible
  • Protection from Creditors
  • Gain in value of property free of CGT
  • Possibly lower cost way of raising finance
  • Control of asset 

For advice on how to use your pension for this purpose please enquire now and an adviser will contact you within 24 hours