ISA/PEPs with a difference

Something to think about!! 

As many of you will be aware, when Gordon Brown introduced ISAs to substitute for PEPs he simultaneously halved the dividend tax credit available on share-based plans from 20% to 10%; in April 2004 the ability to reclaim this 10% was abolished. This left basic rate tax payers without any income tax benefit for using an ISA for dividends paid by UK companies out of profits on which corporation tax had already been paid.

Our panel advisers now have access to ISA/PEP fund that are situated in the Isle of Man. They do not charge corporation tax or do not pay any tax that cannot be reclaimed. Instead, UK tax payers receive their income or gains from the ISA/PEP gross, without any tax deduction, and they have no further tax liability to pay. Consequently ISA and PEP investors can get their returns TAX FREE.

This is a major advantage over UK based funds. Investors also have peace of mind knowing that there is a high degree of investor protection allowing them to invest with confidence.

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  • No loss of 10% tax credit